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Construction site safety

Construction sites are statistically the most dangerous working environment. Although the construction industry employs just 5% of the total number or workers in Britain it is where 27% of workplace-related fatal injuries occur, and 9% of major injuries.

To create a safe working environment within construction it makes sense to work from the ground up; slippery, wet and bogged down ground can never be safe. Vehicles, plant and machinery require a sturdy surface, so the lack of a specially designed roadway surface can mean that they pose the serious hazard of slipping.

But with all of the dangerous equipment on a construction site it can be easy to forget about the biggest hazard to people in the workplace: slips, trips and falls. We might tend to associate these kind of accidents with supermarket spillages but in reality they can happen anywhere.

Taking time to think about temporary roadways will not only improve safety but help to keep the site clean: essential for a happy client. Clients often point out ground damage, which construction project managers often dismiss as unavoidable. But there are a number of easy and cheap ways for site managers to keep a construction site clean, free from erosion and with optimum safety and cleanliness levels, the main one of which is by using temporary roadways.

Heavy duty temporary ground protection is specially designed for construction sites. TuffTrak® is a system of heavy duty roadmats, connected with a simple ‘drop in’ bolt system. The mats can be hired or bought to cover an area as big or as small as you require; whether you want to create a short access road or completely cover the ground of the site.

TuffTrak® can be used by multiple vehicles simultaneously, confidently supporting loads up to 150 tonnes and is virtually indestructable. It will create a sturdy flooring which is easier to drive on, and prevent the hazardous slipping of vehicles on wet or muddy ground. Its specially designed anti slip surface has been tested in laboratories for effectiveness. The engineered unique surface has been designed in a chevron pattern for ultimate grip and mud dispersion. TuffTrak® therefore not only provides a strong grip for vehicles, but for pedestrians too; reducing the number of workplace slips, trips and falls and injuries caused by slipping machinery or vehicles. TuffTrak®’s raised surface level is unique in that it even creates stability on uneven ground; another major cause of slips, trips and falls.

The maximum strength temporary roadways reduce the damage to groundways and grass, avoiding erosion, rutting and boggy ground. As well as creating a safer environment, TuffTrak® ensures that construction sites have aesthetically pleasing ground after work is carried out. The mat is chemically inert, making it ideal for eco-sensitive or heritage sites. It is also non-conductive and maintains safety levels when electrical work is carried out.

So for maximum health and safety, and to prevent excessive damage to ground, choose TuffTrak®’s roadmats for your construction site.

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Which adhesive tape should I use?

There are many different types of specialist adhesive tapes, which together have hundreds - if not, thousands - of different uses. It can therefore be difficult to understand, which is the best type to order for your requirements. Some of the main adhesive tapes which hold special properties are:
<h2>Double-sided adhesive tapes</h2>

These adhesive tapes have two tacked sides, which make them ideal for sticking two surfaces together if they are not going to be attached by the edge, or if you do not want tape to be visible. Double sided tape is a hugely versatile adhesive tape which is available in various widths, colors, thicknesses, and with various adhesives and withstand various ranges of temperature, with peaks of up to 160ºC. The more common double sided adhesive tapes are suitable for lightweight application, but much stronger varieties are available for specialized use.

<h2>Foam adhesive tapes</h2>

These often offer water tightness and are therefore found in seals on doors or windows. Foam adhesive tapes used in this way will also help to keep the heat inside and are therefore sometimes used to make homes more energy efficient. Their cushioning properties make foam adhesive tapes ideal for areas with movement such as doors, where they may be required to expand and flatten. Foam adhesive tapes can be bought with single or double sided adhesive.

<h2>High temperature adhesive tapes</h2>

High temperature tapes have a very specialized target use. Generally working from temperatures from -70ºc up to 180ºc, high temperature adhesive tapes are used on circuit boards, for insulation and in the aerospace industry.

<h2>Anti slips adhesive tapes</h2>

These types of adhesive tape are generally used for health and safety purposes. Their most common use is on the edge of steps or stairs, because their main property is their strong friction surface which works to prevent slipping. For extra visibility, and therefore extra hazard awareness, they are available in yellow and black, and glow in the dark colorings.

<h2>Glass/surface protection adhesive tapes</h2>

These are often bought in wider rolls than other adhesive tapes, as they are designed to cover larger surface areas. Glass, wood or carpet can be protected with the appropriate protective adhesive tapes, and they are commonly used for keeping windows, floorings, work surfaces or kitchen units clean and undamaged during redecoration, construction or DIY projects.

<h2>Low tack adhesive tapes</h2>

Like glass/surface protection adhesive tapes, these are low tack so they do not damage the material which they are stuck to. They tend to be narrower than surface protection tapes, making them ideal for protecting door frames, window frames or other narrow features when painting the surrounding area.

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What to look for in a professional carpet cleaner.

A professional carpet cleaner is a smart solution no matter whether you want to deep-clean your homes carpets or provide a hygienic indoor environment in the workplace.

Making the decision to buy a carpet cleaner represents a wise investment that will ensure your carpets and soft furnishings are kept looking as good as new Versatile and efficient

What if there was a product available suitable for intensive or casual domestic and commercial cleaning tasks, with even the versatility to provide a solution for hard flooring?

When you buy a carpet cleaner offering a professional touch, youll find the package includes a wide range of accessories that can be used in sites such as care homes and schools as well being extremely useful for home owners too.

This kind of adaptability typifies the versatile nature of a bespoke carpet cleaning solution; with an ample range of tools, you can quickly and efficiently clean carpets, upholstery and hard floors.

Specific tools created for multiple uses mean that businesses can clean all areas of their premises and home owners can restore their furnishings and bring them back to life.

Purchasing your own carpet cleaner can save you money on cleaning bills in the long-term and gives you the freedom to perform a deep clean at regular intervals.
The science of cleaning

Eliminating the dirt, grime and allergens that occupy your carpets, upholstery and hard floors has never been easier thanks to a raft of technological advancements For older carpets and soft furnishings, a professional carpet cleaner will even offer the reassurance that its deep-cleaning power is thorough but gentle at the same time.

Market-leading solutions are known for their restorative power that enhances the appearance of the affected areas, as opposed to further denigrating them with harsh treatments.

Indeed, water extraction methods are now highly advanced and detergents are specially formulated to gently yet effectively tackle a variety of odours and difficult to remove stains.

Specialist hand-tools are also now available alongside expert carpet cleaners, enabling you to clean hard to reach areas of your carpets and upholstery.
Hard-floor tools capable of delivering amazing results on a multitude of flooring can also be purchased with a solution offering the full range of attachments.
In addition, the science of cleaning has created specialist cleaning wands, allowing you to work around tables and other furniture.

In this regard, carpet cleaners are constantly adapting to provide a more ergonomic and user-friendly approach to fostering a hygienic indoor environment.

Both domestic and commercial users alike can benefit from the time and cost saving deep cleaning power of high quality products on the market.

If you want the best professional carpet cleaner, you need a product that rather than being merely a device comprises a whole system designed to offer the optimum cleanliness solution.

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